Thursday, 15 December 2011


Imagination, Is it really something that we think which is beyond reality, or an alternate reality in which we could have been but we are not! So our brain gives us the glimpse of the alternative where we could have been based on some alterations in the decisions we had taken in the past or a reality in which we can be by the decisions we need to take; which we usually call ‘possibility’ and that’s where the word “possible“ emerges validating possibility to be a possible reality.

Until and unless we are in the moment everything is a possibility and each possibility coincides with its own reality, and where we are going to end up is based on the decision we make. So we actually live on a huge holographic web where with every step (little or big), we place ourselves on an intersection of a probable reality.

If by any chance time travel into the past becomes possible with the ability to retain our future memory then yes! We may even be able to change the path of our life from that point.

OR in the present, if we track our decisions towards our favorable “possibility” or “imagination” in this holographic web, then we can make it happen; we can actually be present in that very reality which we designed for ourselves. We also call it “DREAM”.

So its time you start believing in your dreams and work towards realizing them into reality.
Its never too late nor impossible to turn your dreams real.

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