Sunday, 1 July 2012


Hatred, loath, abhorrence! They all mean the same thing; the emotion which raise the pulse rate and creates a pressure point in your head (we call it stress) which arises on account of the offending behavior of someone, some ego clashes or any other such recent occurrence you may recall(where you thought ‘damn! I hate this person’).

Causes maybe diverse but the end result is the same, feeling of disgust, anger and the foremost, fatigue. That’s really true though we don’t usually realize it but we do tire ourselves out with this extra load on our minds along with the routine chores which take up a large chunk of the permanent stack which inversely affects our efficiency and concentration in work due to overloading our brain.

So is the reason philosophers call it negativity (it’s mathematically proven).

Still we don’t do much to curb it and the irony is, the concerned people are not even aware that they are causing us this much discomfort(as a matter of fact, even if they are cognizant with the situation either they are indifferent or they simply enjoy it).

So we need to put in some efforts to curb this emotion as it’s said “He who can anger you conquers you”.

So don’t buy into anger or hate, just relax and realize that by just staying calm you are in fact looking after yourself.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Imagination, Is it really something that we think which is beyond reality, or an alternate reality in which we could have been but we are not! So our brain gives us the glimpse of the alternative where we could have been based on some alterations in the decisions we had taken in the past or a reality in which we can be by the decisions we need to take; which we usually call ‘possibility’ and that’s where the word “possible“ emerges validating possibility to be a possible reality.

Until and unless we are in the moment everything is a possibility and each possibility coincides with its own reality, and where we are going to end up is based on the decision we make. So we actually live on a huge holographic web where with every step (little or big), we place ourselves on an intersection of a probable reality.

If by any chance time travel into the past becomes possible with the ability to retain our future memory then yes! We may even be able to change the path of our life from that point.

OR in the present, if we track our decisions towards our favorable “possibility” or “imagination” in this holographic web, then we can make it happen; we can actually be present in that very reality which we designed for ourselves. We also call it “DREAM”.

So its time you start believing in your dreams and work towards realizing them into reality.
Its never too late nor impossible to turn your dreams real.

Monday, 17 October 2011


Moving down the lane
One to the right,after a long walk
Other a four minutes ride,
I pass by on my holiday mornings
And many more spread around the city
Created a symphony of peace and rite
A house of worship; pious and serene
Holding on our believes and trust in lord.
A place always looked forward to,
When seeking some answers
Or sanity of the master.
A citadel for my refuge
When master heralds a storm.
Defeating down the enemies,
The place was my wonderland.

But drifting with time,
I can now see the shadows
Outside the fortress,
Pleading for help and mercy
From the wounded souls
Eyes with a spirit of hope long gone
I hear no symphony,
No one to hold their believes and trust
Just a stillness of stationary lives
Caught on fragile boats,
Amid a huge ocean
Waves Rattling the base
Taking them no closer to the shore

I feel no peace,
But a riot of injustice
These boundaries create,
And find these visits nothing
But desultory errands.

Friday, 14 October 2011


‘Fishing the cobwebs’ would have suited the title more, looking at my state of mind; and that’s how it functions, keeps rolling in the past back and forth, place to place. But the very idea of absurdity of this phrase brings me here. Cobwebs signify old, gone by things, memories; a net we tend to get trapped in. In all this, a bizarre thought of bunnies brings me to my teddy looking at me with a sweet smile, which I know would never fade; this look, that would ever change and the little heart it holds wishing me birthday, who I know would say nothing but “Happy Birthday”, no longer makes this thought bizarre but a reminder of all the good things in life, all the love and affection I share, all the comfort I enjoy, the good deeds I did, the beautiful flowers in the vase, the little kids running on the street, the sunshine, beauty of the full moon I saw last night, the refreshing fragrance of the damp earth, the mischiefs that made mom frown and then smile at me; the worries and anxiety before my interview, the long waiting session and finally hearing my name from a stranger on whom my eyes were glued with expectations, whose name I still don’t know, the boundaries of whose face may fade out but the voice loud and clear, giving me joy, happiness and a cause for celebration.

Wow, a thought so beautiful and amazing, giving me this natural high, feeling so light and simply happy, picturing life so simple and the air so soothing, I ever felt before.

I never thought those cute bunnies from my childhood and this little teddy sitting next to my bed, could make me feel the same joy like my childhood days, the same simplicity of life back then.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


In the randomness of our life, we believe in alot of things that people tell us. Some of them add to our knowledge, our wisdom ; some either fade out or turn out to be false in a matter of time. But some, just remain with us as illusion with a thought that they create in our mind and develop in our slumber. There lies no truth or lie in them but just a mere thought, which dwells upon it a whole world of delusion and presumptions,making us forget the true means and basis to find a reality in it. And reality being so subjective in itself, makes us sometimes believe in the whole subject of illusion, until it fades out and dawns upon us the other side, which usually is not so pleasing.

And there emerges the concept of truth and lie; of trust and dishonesty. And then follows disbelief, distrust and they fall apart. So who is responsible for it? The one who implanted that thought in that mind or the one who believed in that idea and created a reality, which eventually didn't match with the source of that thought.
I think the later one.

In this world of subjectivity, that prevails in each and every aspect of an individual's life,can you answer this with just Yes? or No?

Saturday, 23 July 2011



I started my training in mid of july with Miniorb, which is a group of engineers who are together due to their interest in technology and experimenting with it.I got the chance to do my internship with them through my uncle who introduced me to Priya. This time i really wanted to learn some stuff unlike the last time when i ended up at a company which was totally futile for that purpose, and so he suggested me to work with Priya and thats how i am here writing this blog.

And the technology that i was talking about earlier is an open-source hardware,which you can easily make on your own even, because all the details about its hardware structure, data sheet, architecture and everything that you require to build a device, is readily available on internet for free. Thats why its called open source and no patents involved.

The device i am working on is Arduino UNO,an open source hardware.Its a really a cool device which you can program to work in literally any way you wish to and if you are an enthusiast in automating things around you then it is one of the device you should look into and  believe me you will be awed by its functionality the same way i was when i first used it.

On the first day of my training Nandeep showed me the arduino and briefed me on what it was, how to use it and also showed me one of their projects where they had connected an LCD touch screen with arduino to remotely monitor the speedo meter of a bike.That was really interesting and i was very excited about working with them.

So the next thing that i was to do was explore the arduino and with that started my training.

Friday, 22 July 2011


This is my first post and i have sat down to write this post many days after making the blog, thats probably because i was apprehensive about how to start with it.

So i'll start with how i came up with the idea of blogging and it came from Priya (my mentor under whom i am doing my summer training).She suggested me to start blogging and it is really a good idea to share your ventures,experiences and trial at a place like this and i am thankful that i met her because with this summer training i have been exposed to many new ideas and technology specifically, about which i had no idea that it even exits till i met Nandeep(mentor) on the first day of my training where he introduced me Arduino and that day i knew that i am at the right place to get the training i am looking for and after a month of working with them it holds absolutely true.