Saturday, 23 July 2011



I started my training in mid of july with Miniorb, which is a group of engineers who are together due to their interest in technology and experimenting with it.I got the chance to do my internship with them through my uncle who introduced me to Priya. This time i really wanted to learn some stuff unlike the last time when i ended up at a company which was totally futile for that purpose, and so he suggested me to work with Priya and thats how i am here writing this blog.

And the technology that i was talking about earlier is an open-source hardware,which you can easily make on your own even, because all the details about its hardware structure, data sheet, architecture and everything that you require to build a device, is readily available on internet for free. Thats why its called open source and no patents involved.

The device i am working on is Arduino UNO,an open source hardware.Its a really a cool device which you can program to work in literally any way you wish to and if you are an enthusiast in automating things around you then it is one of the device you should look into and  believe me you will be awed by its functionality the same way i was when i first used it.

On the first day of my training Nandeep showed me the arduino and briefed me on what it was, how to use it and also showed me one of their projects where they had connected an LCD touch screen with arduino to remotely monitor the speedo meter of a bike.That was really interesting and i was very excited about working with them.

So the next thing that i was to do was explore the arduino and with that started my training.

Friday, 22 July 2011


This is my first post and i have sat down to write this post many days after making the blog, thats probably because i was apprehensive about how to start with it.

So i'll start with how i came up with the idea of blogging and it came from Priya (my mentor under whom i am doing my summer training).She suggested me to start blogging and it is really a good idea to share your ventures,experiences and trial at a place like this and i am thankful that i met her because with this summer training i have been exposed to many new ideas and technology specifically, about which i had no idea that it even exits till i met Nandeep(mentor) on the first day of my training where he introduced me Arduino and that day i knew that i am at the right place to get the training i am looking for and after a month of working with them it holds absolutely true.